The Edible Green Tea
    Use Wu Dang Green Tea, the Premium Green Tea
         to Help Your Patients

    Green tea has been the most basic and significant Chinese herb for thousand of years. A lot of
    Chinese people consume it daily to stay healthy. As all of us know, green tea helps:

    - prevent & fight cancer
    - boost immune system
    - detoxify the body, protect kidney
    - fight and prevent diabetes
    - reduce blood pressure
    - lower cholesterol
    - prevent & fight arthritis
    - prevent & fight allergy
    - lose weight
    - aid digestion
    - protect the heart, liver
    - slower ageing
    - relieve stress, headache & heart burn
    - protect skin (great for sunburn, acne, eczema  itching skin)
    - protect teeth, boost memory, strengthen bones, clarify mentality & etc

    Doctors often think that there is no need to provide green tea to their patients because green tea is
    generally available. However, there are all kinds of green tea and people’s health conditions are
    hugely different.

    From a family of Chinese herb doctors for generations, we believe that where the green tea is
    grown, which season it is picked, which part of the leaves it comes from and how it is processed
    and stored decides the medicinal effectiveness of the green tea. Almost all the green tea generally
    available in the US is from big leaves picked in summer or is stale for staying on shelf for too long
    that has no full health potentials or no any health benefits.

    What’s more, how to make the tea, how much to take and when to take must be prescribed by an
    experienced doctor who knows the green tea and the patient. Most people are consuming the low-
    quality green tea or stale green tea in the wrong way resulting in ruining their health instead of
    boosting their health.

    TCM doctors have a significant role to play here: choose the best green tea for patients and tell
    them to consume it according to their specific health conditions to achieve the most desirable
    health result. Premium green tea, if it is taken right in the right amount and right time, the
    effectiveness may rival any other medicines. And it is safe, easy-to-take and enjoyable. -- That is
    the essence of traditional Chinese medicine.

    We only pick baby leaves on the top of  tea branches in early spring  once a year. The tea is
    organically grown in mountains  north side of Yangtze River where four seasons are clearly cut.
    This tea is pan-dried (not steamed) and fully sealed in small packet and has been kept refrigerated
    all the time. This tea can be made with cold to warm water and can be eaten raw or after been
    steeped in water.

    Because premium green tea is only grown in specific areas and picked in certain time of the year
    and it is so effective in curing some illness, it gets more and more expensive in China. You may not
    profit from just “selling” it to your patients because of the price, but the result will bring great reward
    to you.

    Please try to provide Wu Dang Green Tea to your patients and see how great it works on them!

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 Wu Dang Green Tea
    The Edible Green Tea.
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