Doctors' Testimonial

    “Many sales persons have brought all kinds of green tea to me to ask me to try it. I found
    Tai Chi Green Tea is the best since I myself grew up in a place where green tea is grown.
    This tea is grown in the mountains north side of Yangtze River, the native land of tea, where
    four seasons are clearly cut. It is the baby leaves picked in early spring. It can be eaten raw
    & be made with cool water. It tastes good. Those with a negative opinion about green tea's
    taste will also like this tea.

    Most of our patients can benefit a lot from the real green tea. I encourage our patients to
    drink and eat the tea. Many of them came back to ask for it.

    Many of our patients’ problems lie in their life style. As a doctor, I encourage them to
    change their life style. Drinking green tea is a good beginning. By drinking this edible
    green tea, their general health condition will be greatly improved. Our patients are happy, I
    am happy.

    I encourage Mr. Cai to bring his Tai Chi Green Tea to all the TCM practitioners.  We TCM
    doctors need this kind of unique green tea to provide to our patients.  It is safe, simple and
    very helpful to most of our patients.”


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