Oprah Winfrey Speaking On

    Oprah: Now I've read in your book that you said if I just replaced coffee with green tea
    instead, that I could lose weight?!

    Dr. Perricone: Absolutely.

    Oprah: Now really. How could that -- what is the big deal about this?

    Dr Perricone: Coffee has organic acids that raise your blood sugar, raise insulin. Insulin
    puts a lock on body fat. When you switch over to green tea, you get your caffeine, you're
    all set, but you will drop your insulin levels and body fat will fall very rapidly.

    Oprah: I'm gonna do that. OK. That is so good! Whoo! That is great.

    American People Deserve the Best Green Tea  

    First-grade Chinese green tea costs above $1000  per pound in China.  Are Americans willing to pay $1000 (or
    $4000) for one pound of good green tea? Probably not. But many Chinese people are. There is a reason.
    Billions of Chinese people for the past four thousands years have drunk tea, their experience has convinced  
    them of the value of tea! Today, research has found that tea may help prevent cancer – liver cancer, lung
    cancer, brain cancer, skin cancer and many other types of cancers. It helps repair damaged cells. It helps
    lower cholesterol. It helps dissolve clots in the blood and protects the heart. Those who drink tea have less
    chance of developing heart disease. It boosts people’s immune systems. It boosts memory, strengthens
    bones, lowers blood sugar, and helps control weight by burning more calories. In one word, tea is the
    healthiest drink in the world; and green tea exhibits the most benefits among all the teas. Just type in “Green
    Tea Health benefit” on the Internet, you will find a lot.

    Today, the price of most green teas in American stores is too low. In some restaurants, green tea is even free.
    There is a Chinese saying, Cheap stuff can not be good; good stuff can not be cheap.”  Of course, you cannot
    expect cheap green tea to be good. It is sad that we in the U.S. do not have good green tea to drink! Most of
    green tea available in the US is of such low quality that even poor Chinese peasants would not drink itthis is
    because people in the U.S. have not been willing to spend a little more money for good-quality tea. Americans
    are among the richest in the world. Americans should have the best food, the best drink, the best clothes, the
    best houses, the best cars Americans should have the best of all. But unfortunately, Americans have worse
    tea to drink than the poor people in a poor country such as China have!

    There is another Chinese saying, “Disease comes in through your mouth” – unhealthy drinks ruin your
    health. Nothing is more important than your food and drink. To keep fit,  many people are sweating and
    working out extensively in fitness centers. Why shouldn’t we drink green tea?  Just sip a cup of good green
    tea, one can enjoy a healthier life! And besides the healthy benefits of green tea, it just makes you feel great!
    If you do not have healthy things to eat and drink, even if you exercise everyday, you cannot reverse the
    negative effects of bad food and drink! Human life is fragile! It can be easily ruined and destroyed. No
    matter how rich you are, no matter how important you are, no matter how good the medical facilities you
    enjoy, once the disease enters your body through your mouth, your life will be greatly impacted. Once your
    health is ruined, all the wealth is valueless. We should eat and drink the best we can afford to enhance our

    American spent too little time and money on their food and drink! In China, people spend $200 (in terms of
    purchasing power) for a pot of good tea. People may laugh at Chinese for spending so much on drink. But
    perhaps it is the Americans should be laughed at! -- If you do not appreciate good drink and good food, what
    else can you enjoy once your health has been ruined by bad drink and food? American people can afford to
    buy better, healthier food! They could attain their ideal weight. They should have the longest life expectancy
    in the world.  To be healthier and to live longer could be achieved by just changing eating and drinking habits
    a little bit, by spending a little more time and money on good drink and food. What’s the use of the big house,
    fancy car, and lots of money – if you do not feel good physically?

    Now some people are trying to get the benefits of green tea by taking tea extract. The extract is a drug;
    green tea is an enjoyable drink. Swallowing a pill made of tea extract in a hurry could hardly get the full
    healthy benefits of tea; the leisure people enjoyed while sipping tea is critical for people to absorb the health
    essence in tea. Drinking green tea is a way of life. It is a way of walking close to nature. Drinking the tea
    grown in the big mountains, you connect yourself with the greenness of the leaves, the fresh air and the
    chirping of the birds in the mountains. The tea leaf, which absorbs the essence of nature, comes in through
    your body and boosts the spirit of your life!

    American people deserve the best tea. American people deserve a healthier, longer life! And here comes our
    slogan: “Drink Tai Chi Green Tea. Enjoy a healthier, happier Life!

    How to Store Green Tea

    Green tea is a very delicate food. Just like any fresh vegetables, green tea needs careful handling. Oxygen,
    water, heat and light are the enemies of green tea. Thus for preserving the essence of green tea, we need to:

    1.        Keep it from moisture.
    2.        Allow as little air as possible in the container of the tea.
    3.        Refrigerate it, but do not freeze (Keep the temperature at 38-45 F degrees).
    4.        Keep it away from light.

    The fresher the green tea is, the better. However, if it is kept in ideal condition, green tea may last for years
    and still keeps its fresh flavor.

    How to Enjoy Green Tea

    Brewing good green tea can be complex and can be very simple.
    Four factors are critical to enjoying green tea.
    A.        The tea.
    B.        The water
    C.        The teapot  or cups
    D.        The Environment.

    A.       The Tea: Good Quality Tea. Right Amount

    •  The tea must be good quality; it must be fresh.
    •  The amount of tea should be right. For 16 oz water, 2-3 grams of good-quality tea should be enough.
    Too much tea will make the tea taste bitter; too little tea will make the tea taste too light.

    B.      The Water: Right Water, Right Water Temperature, Right Brewing Time.

    •  Mineral water (spring water) is perfect. Well water and filtered tap water is fine.
    • Water temperature should be between 55 and 135 degrees. It depends on the tea – when it was
    picked, where it was grown, and what shape of the tea leaves is. Generally, Chinese green tea requires
    to be brewed at around 55-135 degrees.
    • If the temperature is lower, it needs to brew longer; if it is higher, the brewing time should be shorter.
    Check the color of the tea water. When it has turned light green, it is ready to drink.

     C. The Teapot or Cups: Right Tools

    •  The best tool to brew green tea is white china or transparent glass (tea pots). We can appreciate the
    color of green tea. We can see the beauty of the green tea leaves.

     D. The Environment: Right Time and Right Place to Enjoy.

    •  Choose the right time to enjoy green tea. Do not drink it when you are starving or late at night. The
    best time is at breakfast, during work, at lunch or at dinner (if you are OK with caffeine). After you
    have had some good food, green tea makes you feel great.
    •  Drinking tea with good friends and those you like or love will make the tea drinking more enjoyable.
    •  Enjoying it under the trees in your backyard would be perfect.

    There is no fixed ways as how to brew and enjoy green tea. Following the basic rules, every experienced tea
    drinker will invent his or her unique way of enjoying good green tea (please do not forget to share your ways
    with us!).

    Cautions and Suggestions about Drinking Tea

    •        People who are allergic to caffeine should not drink green tea.
    •        People with stomach problems should drink light green tea and only do so after meals.
    •        Pregnant woman should limit their tea drinking –no more than 2 servings (4 grams) of green tea per day.
    •        When you are starving, avoid drinking tea. Tea will enhance your metabolism and makes you feel
    hungrier; sometimes, it might make you nauseated.
    •        If you are taking medicine, do not use tea water to help you swallow the pills. Tea may interact with the
    •        If you are taking medicines, please ask your doctor whether drinking tea is advised; and if yes, how
    much you may drink and the best times to drink it.
    •        Do not drink too much tea at night before you go to bed. Not only will the caffeine in tea keep you
    awake, the water you take in will wake you up.
    •        Generally, do not let kids (younger than 12) drink tea if they are not used to caffeine. If let them drink,
    only allow them to drink light green tea and only during the day.
    •        Do not drink tea left over from the previous day.
    •        Try to brew tea in cups made of china, glass, earth pot or stainless steel containers. If use paper cup,
    use specially designed cups for brewing tea. Do not keep tea in the paper cup for too long. Drink it as soon as
    •        Never brew tea using foam cups. Tea will interact with it and generates harmful substances.
    •        When green tea is brewed, it should be light green. If it is brown or dark after brewing, do not drink it.
    •        Clean teacups or pots immediately after tea is served. Otherwise it is very hard to clean them.
    •        To maximize green tea benefits, do not add sugar to the tea.

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