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To provide high quality green tea to the American population to help
them to enjoy a healthier, happier life!

About Tai Chi Green Tea

    Tai Chi Green Tea selects the finest and freshest green tea
    from China’s mountainous regions.

    Tai Chi Green Tea in 2005 is certified organic tea from
    Yingshan (Grant Mountain), Hubei Province. To guarantee
    the freshness, Tai Chi Green Tea is brought to the US by air
    and kept refrigerated . There are two types of packages:
    loose tea (whole leaf tea) in bags and tea bags.

    If possible, we suggest that:
  •   Keep Tai Chi Green Tea refrigerated.
  •   Use crystal glass or pure white china cup or teapot to brew
    the tea.
  •   Brew Tai Chi Green Tea with mineral water or filtered water
    at around 150-160 F degrees.

Cautions and Suggestions about Drinking Tea

    •        People who are allergic to caffeine should not drink
    green tea.
    •        People with stomach problems should drink light green
    tea and only do so after meals.
    •        Pregnant woman should limit their tea drinking –no
    more than 2 servings (4 grams) of green tea per day.
    •        When you are starving, avoid drinking tea. Tea will
    enhance your metabolism and makes you feel hungrier;
    sometimes, it might make you nauseated.
    •        If you are taking medicine, do not use tea water to help
    you swallow the pills. Tea may interact with the medicine.
    •        If you are taking medicines, please ask your doctor
    whether drinking tea is advised; and if yes, how much you
    may drink and the best times to drink it.
    •        Do not drink too much tea at night before you go to
    bed. Not only will the caffeine in tea keep you awake, the
    water you take in will wake you up.
    •        Generally, do not let kids (younger than 12) drink tea if
    they are not used to caffeine. If let them drink, only allow
    them to drink light green tea and only during the day.
    •        Do not drink tea left over from the previous day.
    •        Try to brew tea in cups made of china, glass, earth pot
    or stainless steel containers. If use paper cup, use specially
    designed cups for brewing tea. Do not keep tea in the paper
    cup for too long. Drink it as soon as possible.
    •        Never brew tea using foam cups. Tea will interact with
    it and generates harmful substances.
    •        When green tea is brewed, it should be light green (or
    light yellow). If it is dark brown after brewing, do not drink it.
    •        Clean teacups or pots immediately after tea is served.
    Otherwise it is very hard to clean them.
    •        To maximize green tea benefits, do not add sugar to
    the tea.

How to Store Green Tea

    Green tea is a very delicate food. Just like any fresh
    vegetables, green tea needs careful handling. Oxygen,
    water, heat and light are the enemies of green tea. Thus for
    preserving the essence of green tea, we need to:

    1.        Keep it from moisture.
    2.        Allow as little air as possible in the container of the
    3.        Refrigerate it, but do not freeze (Keep the
    temperature at 38-45 F).
    4.        Keep it away from light.

    The fresher the green tea is, the better. However, if it is
    kept in ideal condition, green tea may last for years and still
    keeps its fresh flavor.

How to Enjoy Green Tea

    Brewing good green tea can be complex and can be very
    Four factors are critical to enjoying green tea.
    A.        The tea.
    B.        The water
    C.        The teapot  or cups
    D.        The Environment.

    A.       The Tea: Good Quality Tea. Right Amount
    •        The tea must be good quality; it must be fresh.
    •        The amount of tea should be right. For 16 oz water, 2-3
    grams of good-quality tea should be enough. Too much tea
    will make the tea taste bitter; too little tea will make the tea
    taste too light.

    B.      The Water: Right Water, Right Water Temperature,
    Right Brewing Time.
    •        Mineral water (spring water) is perfect. Well water and
    filtered tap water is fine.
    •        Water temperature should be between 120 and 175
    degrees. It depends on the tea – when it was picked, where
    it was grown, and what shape of the tea leaves is. Generally,
    Chinese green tea requires to be brewed at around 140-170
    •        If the temperature is lower, it needs to brew longer; if it
    is higher, the brewing time shoulder is shorter. Check the
    color of the tea. When it has turned light green, it is ready to

     C. The Teapot or Cups: Right Tools
    •        The best tool to brew green tea is white china or
    transparent glass (tea pots). We can appreciate the color of
    green tea. We can see the beauty of the green tea leaves.

     D. The Environment: Right Time and Right Place to Enjoy.
    •        Choose the right time to enjoy green tea. Do not drink
    it when you are starving or late at night. The best time is at
    breakfast, during work, at lunch or at dinner. After you have
    had some good food, green tea makes you feel great.
    •        Drinking tea with good friends and those you like or
    love will make the tea drinking more enjoyable.
    •        Enjoying it under the trees in your backyard would be

    There is no fixed ways as how to brew and enjoy green tea.
    Following the basic rules, every experienced tea drinker will
    invent his or her unique way of enjoying good green tea
    (please do not forget to share your ways with us!).

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