Mission Statement

    To provide high quality green tea to the American population to help them to enjoy a healthier, happier life!

    Tai Chi Green Tea  only selects certified organically grown green tea from China's mountainous regions.
    Tai Chi  Green Tea is certified organic tea from Yingshan (Grant Mountain), Hubei Province, China.

    Only the baby leaves on the top of tea trees are selected. The baby leaves are so tender, they can be
    eaten raw or after brewing.


    Tai Chi Green Tea a has two types of packages: loose tea (whole leaf tea) in small bags and tea bags.  
    The bag is tightly sealed. Easy to store, easy to enjoy.  One can eat the tea leaves (loose tea) whenever
    he feels tired, sick, sleepy, no appetite or depressed, sprinkle the tea leaves on salmon, fish fillet, beef,
    chicken, or salad. The raw tea goes really good with fish.

    As with all green tea lovers from China in the US, for years, the owner of  Tai Chi Green Tea found it was
    almost impossible to get any good green tea in stores in the US and he has had to ask friends in China to bring
    tea for him. Good quality green tea looks good, smells good,  tastes good and makes you feel great after you
    drink it. But most green tea available here in the US stores is just opposite of that. The low quality green tea
    generally available is ruining the good name of real green tea (and most of the time, the green tea American
    people are drinking is totally spoiled. The spoiled green tea is ruining American people's health. People drink
    more of the spoiled green tea, they do more harm to their health!) . That made the owner decide to start his own
    tea company to provide American people (and himself) with real green tea!  

    Tai Chi Green Tea has been tasted and selected from Chinas mountainous regions by the owner (and the owner
    is a picky green tea drinker!). The tea is 100% pure organic green tea. No unnatural processes have been used
    to make the raw tea look prettier.  The owner only chooses the tea he likes the best.  The tea is not only
    selected for his customers, but also for himself. Probably he drinks (and eats) more Tai Chi Green Tea than any
    of his customers!

    Secondly, to the owner it is a waste of his precious time to import cheap, low quality tea from ten thousand miles
    away. He only imports the best tea to value his own work.

    Thirdly, Tai Chi Green Tea is building up the brand name. We are expecting to persuade all people who are
    concerned about their health to drink Tai Chi Green Tea. It is our life to guarantee the superior quality of our tea.

    Once you have tasted Tai Chi Green Tea, you will know what real green tea is!

    If you have not yet tried Tai Chi Green Tea, please send us a message. We will be pleased to send you a sample.

    If possible, we suggest:
  •   Keeping Tai Chi Green Tea refrigerated all the time.
  •   Using crystal glass or pure white china cup to brew the tea.
  •   Brewing Tai Chi Green Tea with mineral water or filtered water at around 50-120 F degrees.

    We Have a Dream

    Green tea is the most wonderful drink! The tiny green leaves can help people fight off many of the most feared
    enemies of health in modern times: cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Green tea helps prevent cancer, lower
    cholesterol, clean the clots in the artery, burn more calories to help people control their weight, lower blood
    sugar and blood pressure, fight flu, slow aging, protect teeth, strengthen bones, boost immunity and memory,
    enhance physical performance, relieve stress, enhance work efficiency, and purify the body of pollution’s
    negative effects. Real green tea makes you more energetic and clear-minded. Real green tea makes you feel

    Most people now know something about green tea’s health benefits, and many people want to enjoy the good
    health promised by drinking green tea. There’s just one problem: only a few places in the US carry real green
    tea, and only a few people are really reaping the health benefits. Most “green tea” available here in the US is not
    green tea at all! Such tea just uses the name “green tea” to sound healthy, but actually confers few of real green
    tea’s health benefits.

    A century ago, Americans had no choice but to drink black tea. Long trips by sea spoiled green tea before it
    reached North America. Before the 1980’s, China, the motherland of all green tea, was shut off from the U.S.
    Now things have changed, and real green tea can flow freely from China to  the U.S. It only takes a few days for
    freshly picked green tea from the mountains of China to reach the U.S.  

    It’s time for the American people to enjoy real green tea!

    If you are concerned about your own health, please begin to drink green tea – one who takes care of his or her
    own health is one who is responsible about his or her family and contributing to society. Many things influence
    our health, including genes, stress, and our food and drink. We cannot choose our genes, and much stress is
    unavoidable, but we can choose what we eat and drink. What we take into our bodies determines our health,
    happiness, and longevity. Green tea helps people enjoy healthier, happier, and longer lives!

    If you are concerned about your loved one’s health, please give them a gift of green tea. It will benefit their
    overall well-being.

    If you are a restaurant or grocery store owner, please provide your customers with real green tea! Don’t just
    give them their habitual drink, but be morally and socially responsible – give them something good for their
    health, just as you would for your own family. Remember:
    “if you take care of your customers, your customers will take care of you”.

    We dream of that one day everyone will drink one or two cups of real green tea.  People will spend less money
    on medical care and will have more time to create and enjoy life. There will be less illness, less pain and less
    tears. Everyone lives a healthier and happier life. And the average weight of people will be 10 pounds less and
    they will gain at least 5 years in life expectancy!

    Let’s start drinking green tea.
    Let’s drink green tea every day
    to make ourselves healthier,
    to make our life more enjoyable,
    to make our family happier,
    to make the world better!

Tai Chi Green Tea
Spring Sprouts, Edible Green Tea.
Loose Tea & Tea Bags:
Can be Eaten Raw & Made with Cold Water