Item 101 . Spring Sprouts Can be Eaten Raw or after being Steeped
    One Box of Loose Tea in 20 Packets $18.00

    - A box of 20 packets of loose tea. Each packet contains 2 grams whole leaf green tea.

    -  Whole leaf tea. Organically grown. The baby leaves on top of tea branches picked in early spring.
    The leaves are so tender that they can be eaten raw or after brewing. You may keep a packet on hand  
    to eat a few pieces of the raw tea to refresh yourself or sprinkle the tea on fish or salad to eat it raw
    or eat the leaves after brewing.

    - The shipping fee is fixed. No matter how many packages you buy, the shipping fee will be $8.00. It
    takes 2-5  business days for the tea to reach you.

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Raw Loose Tea
Loose Tea on Fish
Loose Tea
in a Glass
Loose Tea on Tofu
Loose Tea in a
Tai Chi Green Tea Inc's
    Spring Sprouts, Edible Green Tea.
Loose Tea & Tea Bags: Can be Eaten Raw & Made with Cold Water