Loose Tea
    1. Keep a packet on hand (in the car) to eat a few pieces of the raw tea to refresh yourself;
    2. Sprinkle the tea on your food (fish or salad) to eat it raw;
    3. Put the tea in a 6-8 oz glass (or china cup) of cool to warm (mineral) water.
      Drink after 3 minutes (warm water) to 8 minutes (cool water).When the cup is half-   empty,
    refill. Refill 2-4 times. (You may eat the leaves after drinking.)
    4. Put the tea into a bottle of 8-16 oz cool to cold water. Tighten the cap. Shake well. Drink and
    eat the tea. Finish the tea within one hour.
                               Tea Bag
    The tea in the bag can be eaten raw or after brewing.  
    1. Remove the string and put the tea bag in a bottle of 8-16 oz cool to cold water.
      Shake well. Drink after 5-10 minutes.
    2. Put the tea bag in a 2-6 oz china cup (glass) of cold to lukewarm (mineral) water.
       Drink after 3 minutes (lukewarm water) to 6 minutes (cold water).
       When the cup is half-empty, refill. Refill 2-5 times. You may eat the tea in the bag.
    3. Rip the tea bag and sprinkle the tea on fish or salad to eat it raw.
      ♣ Do not add anything else to the tea water.
       The cooler the water, the better.
      Consume the tea steeped in water within one hour or as soon as possible.
      ♣ Tea contains caffeine. Consume with discretion. No green tea at night.
      Consuming tea on an empty stomach is not recommended.

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Tai Chi Green Tea
Spring Sprouts, Edible Green Tea.
Loose Tea & Tea Bags:
Can be Eaten Raw & Made with Cold Water